About Gogi’s

Authentic Food in Downtown Chico

Gogi’s delicious Indian food is fast, healthy, fresh and authentic! We manage to keep our menu affordable and simple with various curries, specialty items,Tandoori kebabs and, of course, Naan (bread).

Curry: simply means gravy.

Indian curry or gravy is made by cooking the meat or vegetables along with aromatic spices, herbs, and lots of ingredients. The effect of each of the spices is very complex. Spices are like musical notes; All melodies (or curries) are composed of the same musical notes (or spices).

It is very important in making a curry to choose a cooking pot. The choice of spices. The sequence in which the spices are put into the pot, the ways the spices are used and thickening agents. In a way Indian cuisine is like classical Indian Music. The same ingredients may play duel roles in different curries.

In Southern and Western India, curry dishes may be spiced with curry leaf.

Curry may contain fish, meat, poultry, shellfish, vegetables or fruits.

Curry may be dry or wet. Wet curries contain significant amounts of sauce or gravy based on yogurt, cream, coconut-milk, coconut-cream, lagume puree, broth, or water.



Gogi's Cafe, located in downtown Chico & Oroville serves traditional Indian food.

Oroville Location

(530) 712-9293

Chico Location

(530) 891-3570